Thursday July 16th - Remote Work

July 16, 2015 23:17 UTC Team CocoaGems [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Morning Scrum Meeting

Reviewed Notes from coaching session on CLAide with Segiddins
Re- Read the CLAide Repo and Source Code to understand the issue and to get familiar with the structure
Read up on instantiation, initialization,Super Classes, Inheritance,
Ran into Berkeley Coach Sean Mackesey by accident while studying at a cafe and went over Bundler, Gem Spec Files and Gem Files
He suggested reading the Bundler Source Code (since CLAide is modeled after Bundler) and also that we understand why gem files, gem specs and bundler exist--when to use them and to study up on dependencies..especially dependencies of dependencies. Noting this here since this was an impromptu meeting and both my team -mate and I can benefit from this knowledge:

Continued working on
- Went through the CocoaPods codebase. I think I finished the first task of this issue, to figure out where the targets are created.
- The next step is to write a test and run that test. Reading up on tests.
- Read up on Module etc in


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