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July 16, 2015 06:28 UTC Team Melbourne [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities


  • What I did: Told the whole world (on twitter) about Vi's breakthrough yay! Also tweeted some teams, hehe.
  • Spent the day in the office playing around with ember input textarea and textfield hbs helpers and html versions of those. Asked mentor and coaches if they think this is a good idea since user injection can be dangerous.
  • Writing a belated blog post filled with 1 week of updates.
  • More proficient in git, branches, pr and markdown now.
  • Hope to spend the rest of the night finishing todobrownie and/or reading emberjs guide.
  • Areas for improvement: Thinking about how to learn more about dfp. I don't have an adsense account and it doesn't seem like I can make one w/o a legit traffic-ful website. It is limiting how much I can play around with ad tags (w/o vi's help) since 1) no idea how interface of a user on googleads is 2) what options there are for dfp 3) generating tag choices 4) immersing myself into it - basically, imagine being asked to write an essay about chocolate when you've never tasted one. I want to see a user's POV and dummy codes can only give an idea on how google magic works. tough. will need a way...

Vi: Worked remotely today and read up about git submodules and in process of cleaning up the dfp code to have a clean base template to work with.


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