Day 26

August 7, 2017 15:14 UTC Team berlin diamonds (Discourse) [2017]Subscribe to this teams's activities


  • deleted the muncher gem from the berlin diamonds page and reinitialized it to my own github profile
  • tried to fix the remove olde files method in the google drive sync
  • could't get google drive to delete the files
  • coaches also didn't know the answers, so I posted the problem on stack overflow
  • tried to work on the same problem for dropbox
  • posted the question on meta as well
  • didn't find any useful methods in the dropbox-sdk-documentation. also the dropbox core API almost looks the same

- Followed a tutorial to create a gem and understand the structure of it.
- Took Kaja's code to delete files with our Google Drive plugin and managed to make it work mapping the objects by name and chaining instance methods from Google Drive gem. The console gets stuck when I run the code and I have to manually close it, but the files are deleted. This might be related to the gem so I've opened an issue in the gem's github.


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