Week 5 - Day 22

August 1, 2017 15:27 UTC Team berlin diamonds (Discourse) [2017]Subscribe to this teams's activities


  • Read about exceptions in Ruby, and the keywords: begin, end, ensure, rescue
  • Worked in the perform_sync of the Dropbox synchronizer. Part of the code is tested in the console and it works, but couldn't test it in the frontend because I had two plugins related to backups installed in the main app. The job of one plugin blocks the job of the other plugin. At the moment it's only possible to have one plugin installed for it to work properly.
  • Updated our base-sync plugin, we had extra files and code we didn't need.


  • went nuts with failing tests and the uninitialized constant
  • had a problem with zshell. no match error when running bundle exec rake plugin:spec["discourse-sync-*"]
  • but got to run the command with bundle exec rake 'plugin:spec[discourse-sync-*]'
  • now all tests were failing cause of the stupid uninitialized constant error :/
  • looked into the add_model_callback method in the instance.rb of the Plugin class
  • was stuck for many hours. basically the whole day without any coach being online except for rojo
  • was very frustrated from spending a whole day with the same problem, not feeling productive at all, not knowing how to solve it and basically feeling like I wasted 8 hours at the office without doing anything
  • finally found the mistake with eviltrout: require 'railshelper' on top of every spec and delete the spechelper
  • read about frustration here


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