Day 21 - Week 5

July 31, 2017 15:04 UTC Team berlin diamonds (Discourse) [2017]Subscribe to this teams's activities


  • updated the naming of all 3 synchronizers to a convention suggested by someone in the discourse community (discourse-sync-base, discourse-sync-to-[providername])
  • had to change many places where the naming and links were refererenced
  • updated the master of the dropbox-sync
  • fixed the dropbox-sync in a new branch called sync to pass all args and really add a file to the folder
  • registered to the Nextcloud Conference since one of the organizers invited us, because he is interested in our plugin and wants another discourse plugin for nextcloud
  • we got messages from discourse supporters in Berlin who are interested in building a local community with regular meet-ups
  • pulled from upstream to local discourse master branch to be up to date
  • read about Memoization about Active Record's hidden runtime and about pluck and select
  • read about the ||= in Ruby
  • had some test issues


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