Day 20

July 28, 2017 15:30 UTC Team Code Bears (diaspora*) [2017]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Today was mainly about practicing what we have learned the past week and then learning some more:
1. Git: practiced git commands with one remote on a mock repo we opened in our organization - merge, rebase, fetch, pull, push and friends. Next step would be to practice with two remotes, like the flow we have on diaspora.
2. Rails console: after learning some commands the day before, it was time for some independent practice with diaspora's code. Of-course we encountered some problems with validations, which made us dig into diaspora's code and understand it better :).
3. Ruby on Rails on-line course: this course is very helpful so far. In the past week we were watching parts of the chapters about db, migrations, models, ActiveRecordsand ActiveRelation and associations. We still have a way to go but this course is a good start.
4. HAML: started looking into HAML which is how the views on diaspora are written. Probably we need to add some code to the poll views, so we need to understand them first ;).

We hope next week to crate enough fake polls data in order to test the behavior of the polls on diaspora and then finally get to solving the issue itself.

At the end of the day - joined some ping pong at the SoundCloud cafe :)


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