Day 11

July 15, 2015 16:31 UTC Team Delta Quadrant [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Today we finished our work on refactoring some tests and made another pull request:

Here we got some tips to improve the code from hound (a bot) and Jonne Hass (a diaspora core contributor). We had to pass two loops but hope now everything is fine even though the travis build is currently failing (but not because of our changes :)

Besides we met our lovely mentor Lisa and planned the first steps to include a map representation of the user's location. Which is one of the major issues we want to solve during Summer of Code. We try to develop that feature test driven. Right now we are at the beginning of the planning process trying to find the right files and places in the code where to get information about the user's location and where to render the map. It feels a little ~~difficult~~ challenging because diaspora is using backbone.js and Haml for frontend stuff. We have to dig deeper into this …


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