Day 17

July 25, 2017 15:24 UTC Team berlin diamonds (Discourse) [2017]Subscribe to this teams's activities

First of all I had to write a blog post for the RGSoC today. There were some issues with the gem dependencies in the teams app, so I also created an issue for that. After setting up everything with some difficulties, I wrote an awesome blog post and made a pull request to publish it.

Then I
- ate some cake with my coffee
- looked at the test that I wrote for the base class
- created a doodle for a coaches meeting
- deleted obsolete branches
- pulled all changes to local dev
- tested dev branch and all tests failed because of the parsing error that always occurs when we store the session in an instance variable (had that problem already last week)
- tried integrating the chunked upload from falco
- made the base class more abstract
- accidentally merged dev into sync-spec and not vice versa
- ran the tests and communicated the errors to our mentor (the author of the tests)

Jen (remote):
- read about unit testing with jasmine
- learnt about the "super" keyword and Ruby inheritance
- created in drive_synchronizer.rb an initializer with a @session that holds the external call to Google Drive. Since the parent constructor is in the Base class, this initializer invokes (instead overriding) all the other instance variables from its parent through the "super" keyword.


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