Day 3

July 15, 2015 15:10 UTC Team Alster Hamburgers [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

  1. We started bright and early at 8 with a session on Ruby basics with our coach Anastasia. It was really useful - plus we noticed we already learned some things on day 2 that now already sounded familiar, and some of the things she talked about later appeared in our own Ruby tutorials, so we seem to be making progress. (And coming up with new questions on the way!) :)

  2. We also continued our video tutorials and exercises. Hello, classes, attributes and arrays! Let's be friends. We also looked more into RubyMine (and found a handy cheat sheet to learn more shortcuts and tricks).

  3. More installations! We set up CouchDB and expected complications - to our surprise, it was really smooth and easy. Then, we set up the leap web app on our machines to get ready for really diving into our project, and instead met a few complications on the way... but that's a good thing because:

  4. This means we found the first thing we can contribute to our project! We will add to the installation documentation so future Mac users won't have to go through the same issues but will have the solution at hand (right now, it's only about Linux).

  5. We also got our first overview of Leap and the Leap web app that we'll be working on so we know in more detail what lies ahead.

  6. And now that we have Leap set up on our laptops, we're ready to have our first call with other Leap developers later tonight.


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