Day 11 GirlsCodersWarsaw (RubyClerks)

July 15, 2015 14:50 UTC Team GirlsCodersWarsaw [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

* morning standup with coaches
* moved some code to collections partials
* fixed error messages
* added destroy action
* did some css styling to make errors look danger ;)

No one expects the merge disaster that occured. After merge conflict, which I believed I solved well, it turns out that I lost part of my yesterday and todays work. But happily thanks to github, I manage to recovered it.

  • morning standup with coaches
  • learning about RSpec
    • RSpec methods (describe, context, it, expect(...).to)
    • RSpec matchers (built in and custom)
    • good practices & general idea of testing
    • capybara (very user-friendly DSL)
  • setup RSpec and other useful gems:
    • capybara
    • faker
    • factory girl
  • did training test


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