Day 14

July 20, 2017 14:53 UTC Team Code Bears (diaspora*) [2017]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Today started with a very productive retrospective. We are really happy about the outcome and we feel like we are on the right track :) Thanks to all our coaches for all the support in the past weeks!
Then we had a coaching session about Continuous Integration. We learned about the concept in general and ran the checks (pronto) that we actually should have run before our first PR :)
After that we went back to the comments we got on our PR, ran pronto again and fixed the small things that it was warning us about.
We made the decision on having the pod_name instead of "Diaspora*" in the header as it was suggested in our PR.
Then we ran all the tests and checks (rspec, jasmine, cucumber, pronto) and got all of them green except for cucumber. As the failures were not on parts of the code that we touched in our work, we decided to commit and push. We will ask on the PR about the failing cucumber test.
In this process we also learned a lot about discussing with the community and running tests and checks before opening a PR.
Now we're waiting for more feedback from the project.


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