Week3 !!

July 20, 2017 06:08 UTC Team Gemini (Susi AI Server) [2017]Subscribe to this teams's activities

This week has been very hectic for both of us. One of us was busy with Placement Committee work and I was busy with my Research Project. So we took two days off !! (We'll cover it up on weekends, promise !! ) Ramya will be off to Tirupati (A pilgrimage in Andhra Pradesh, India) for the next 4 days. I'll miss her :(

On Tuesday we had a call with our coordinator - Vaishali and had a nice 30 mins long video chat with her!!

To be done today

  • Skills to be incorporated in entertainment - Jokes
  • Pr to be submitted for the same.
  • Learn about Base report (My previous PR is stuck because of that!! )


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