Day #13 - Meetups and Modules

July 17, 2017 17:41 UTC Team 276linesofCode (Tessel) [2017]Subscribe to this teams's activities


Yesterday was a big day for both of us. We presented a talk on Introduction to Computer Vision being members of WWC-Delhi. It was a great experience, since, we got to delve deeper into Open CV, explain the concepts involved to the attendees, cleared their doubts. The audience was very responsive and we even got a positive feedback in the end. SO, through this we were able to spread our knowledge about Computer Vision to a few enthusiasts beginning their journey in this.
We introduced RGSoC in the beginning of our presentation, making the audience aware about what it is and how it really works.

Today, we again got back to working on our Tessel Modules. We explored GPS Module and Servo Module.

We even made changes in some PRs that we had sent the previous week as suggested by the Tessel committee.

Tomorrow, we would begin our day by having a weekly call with our Project Mentor, Kelsey giving her updates and taking in suggestions.

Till then, Adios.


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