Day 9

July 13, 2017 18:15 UTC Team Code Bears (diaspora*) [2017]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Today we made some progress regarding our testing skills and we discussed out first issue on github with the community and openend a pull request. Our first issue is on mailing headers for mails going from diaspora* to users. After structuring the content of our first issue yesterday, we had different cases we are looking at:
1. no sender present
2. sender present
2.1. Firstname AND/OR Lastname present
2.2. no Firstname OR Lastname present

  • We added some missing tests for case 1.
  • For 2.1. we already wrote tests and changed the code in the last days
  • For 2.2. we needed to get more into the code, which we started yesterday and continued with today. We wrote a test for this case and found the places where we need to change something in the code.

So the next step is to actually write the code for case 2.2.
You can find a more detailed description of our progress here


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