Day #10 - Blog and Hands-on work!

July 12, 2017 11:28 UTC Team 276linesofCode (Tessel) [2017]Subscribe to this teams's activities


10 days of RGSoC already! Wooh, time passes by really fast.
So today was a really productive day for us. It started with a call with our mentor, Kelsey, at 8:30 in the morning to discuss last week's progress and the tasks scheduled for this week. She was really happy about the progress so far. She even informed us that a few members of the Tessel steering committee would like to take a few workshops with us to teach us new tech! 😍 😍

We then met at 12 to wrap up the blog for RGSoC. Today was our date to submit the PR and we did so before time!

The second half of today was busy experimenting with the modules that we recently got. First we read up on the Hardware docs for Tessel - Its pin configuration, power specifications, PWM, etc. Then we went on to implement the Ambient Module in Tessel. It is a hardware module which when connected with Tessel displays the Ambient light and sound level! Cool right? We've added pictures of our Tessel with the Ambient module and the readings as shown in our terminal

Light and sound level

The Tessel with the Ambient module

The next two days would be remote working days for us and we wish to play around with more Modules, before we set to implement a major project in Tessel.

Till then, Adios.


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