Rubyherzlein Log Day 9 -July 13!

July 14, 2015 11:46 UTC Team Rubyherzlein [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Monday we started with a morning meeting with our coach where we went over our hex and binary assignments. We talked about the shell which has:
a prompt
an environment
it has variables
it remembers your history (when you hit the up commands)
it can do syntax highlighting
command completion
the main thing it does is: it runs commands/programs
It receives return status/code from programs (knows if the program was running successfully)

we installed the fish shell and enjoyed customising it!

Later in the da we met with our mentor and talked more about the setup of the SoundDrop app.

We also talked about how a website runs in the browser:

The browser makes a request for the URLhttp://localhost:8000.
The request hits the Rails router inconfig/routes.rb. The router recognizes the URL and sends the request to the controller.
The controller receives the request and processes it.
The controller passes the request to the view.
The view renders the page as HTML.
The controller sends the HTML back to the browser for you to see.

This is called the request/response cycle.

In the evening we met with the whole SoundDrop group for our weekly meeting, and worked on rails tutorials, changing the description on the SoundDrop page, trying out Rubymotion.


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