Day 4

July 6, 2017 15:12 UTC Team berlin diamonds (Discourse) [2017]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Today we've finished the Discourse tutorial on creating a plugin and expanded our initial test plugin with a bit more of FE functionality. We've learnt how to add admin interfaces to plugins and wrote some acceptance tests. This helped us a lot to understand better the architecture of a plugin in Discourse and Ember.js conventions. We've created an isolated repository in Github with the test plugin code and now the plugin can be installed in the Discourse app cloning it into discourse/plugins.

Because we will create a plugin to backup information in Google Drive, to understand its API and how it communicates with Ruby we've created an independent ruby program that connects with our personal google drive and uploads/downloads files executing it from the terminal. We've used the 'google_drive gem' and followed its documentation and Google Drive API documentation.

  • learned that .tar is an ending for "tape archive" which is a way to store a folder structure into a single file. important for our backup plugin
  • learned that i18n is a way of internationalization of your software.
  • wrote a msg to the author of the dropbox backup plugin to ask him for further instructions
  • got the plugin to show up and enable a view of the logo
  • installed dropbox plugin and did a backup
  • looked deeper into the dropbox plugin and kind of understood its structure
  • installed a ruby gem for google drive and created a uploader.rb
  • followed the google drive authorization guide


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