Day 3 & Day 4

July 6, 2017 13:33 UTC Team Gemini (Susi AI Server) [2017]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Hola Readers !
Yesterday (5th July) we spent almost the entire day in downloading and building SusiAI with Docker on Google Cloud. (Internet problems!) But in the meanwhile, we discussed our summer timeline with our coach @Aditay and brainstormed new ideas to improve Susi.

Today, we decided to work remotely since we had to read the entire documentation on Susi Skill Development. Learned to create and to test the newly created Susi skills. Also tried it online on Etherpad and tested the skills in the dream zone. It’s so much more fun and exciting than we were expecting it to be !! Yayy :D


  • Write our blog
  • Finalize our timeline
  • Talk to our supervisor and our mentor
  • Create and contribute to Susi skills


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