Day #4 - Even more PRs and some reading

July 5, 2017 17:34 UTC Team 276linesofCode (Tessel) [2017]Subscribe to this teams's activities


So last night, 8PM IST, we had our first kick of call! Although not all coaches could make it due to their schedule being tightly packed, we were joined by our remote coach Dana all the way from Hong Kong, our coach Jigyasa, our Project Mentor Kelsey and our Supervisor Vaishali. After having a little introduction of all, we moved on to discussing our goals for the week, logistic requirements, and other discussions. It is nice to know you, Vaishali! Looking forward to our future calls 😄

Today, we tried working separately from our homes. We read up more on Communication Protocols so that we can gear up for starting 1-wire. 💪🏼 Then we moved on to completing more tutorials in Tessel and created an Access Point using it!! We would explore more and more tutorials this week. Our mentor, Kelsey, had reviewed our PR for the official Tessel blog and suggested a few changes and additions. Shravika found another issue that she thought she could catch hold of and submitted a PR! ✌🏼 Another issue was opened by us in the repository, t2-docs. The day ended with us sending our final commits for the Tessel blog with a lot of editing.

A lot of milestones yet to achieve for this week and we will try and give our best! 🙌🏼

Till then, Adios.


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