Day 2 and 3

July 5, 2017 14:25 UTC Team berlin diamonds (Discourse) [2017]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Day 2 (July 4th)
- could not see the content of the folders app/assets/javascripts/admin and /discourse and they appeared to be empty. -> Solution: I changed it in the Sublime User settings to "folderexcludepatterns": [".svn"] to show the hidden files
- started a blog
- learned how to use plugin outlet connectors in discourse (emberspecific)
- installed a plugin that shows all plugin outlets in the app
- Created Github team
- Created a new plugin which displays a friendly "Hello World!" in the Admin Dashboard of Discourse, and it's listed in the settings/plugins page.

Day 3 (July 5th) only Kaja at office, Jen remote in slack
- looked into the dropbox plugin for discourse
- learned what http parsing means
- read about Google API
- tried out the rails plugin guide and compared it to the plugins of discourse
- read eviltrouts tutorial for the summer of code
- cloned dropbox-plugin into the discourse/plugins folder
- added a connector for the ember frontend
- organized the git relationships between all repos and branches
- started a new blog on blogger on how to set up your working environment


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