Bug Wars: A New Hope

July 14, 2015 01:25 UTC Team Exercistas [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Sarah: I like my tea like I like my tauntauns... Lukewarm.
- Getting a handle on vocabulary: pages and pages of terms I ran across and decided I should write down so I didn't get confused with Python (my main language)
- Lots and lots of rails practice... getting very comfortable and much less confused when I look back at the exercism code
- Smoothed out team specs with supervisor JZ
- Pairing success! :D
- Retro meeting with Whitney: we mostly reached our goals for the week (have agenda ready before meetings w/ mentor & supervisor, tutorials every day, work on communication, escalation protocol for getting unstuck, remember to take breaks!), "things that could go better" has switched to mostly technological issues rather than interpersonal issues, which is a great sign!
- Mentor meeting with Katrina: going over pull request, squashing commits, weird things about file structure, next steps
Tomorrow: finish up pull request for the menu, full speed ahead with language templates


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