Day 1 - RailsGyn in action

July 3, 2017 22:15 UTC Team RailsGyn (RGSoC: The Teams App) [2017]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Today was our first official working day as RGSoC students!

And we are really excited to start working in the RGSoC teams app :D
A lot of things happened today:
* We had a kickoff call with all the nice people involved in this project! It was really nice to meet all of them
* We started our first blog post
* We started to solve the first issue
For now, we are getting acquainted with the project, going through the docs and getting the environment set up.
We will go through the issues and select the ones we will start working with.
Also, we saw that some of the technologies used on the project we have to study better (like slim used in the views).


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