The last day is here

September 30, 2016 17:06 UTC Team l1ghtsab3r (VOC) [2016]Subscribe to this teams's activities

It feels so weird writing the update for the last day. No more supervisor and team calls. No more excitement about the next big thing we are gonna pick up. No more Reminders to update your team log (Maybe good? :P)

We had our team call yesterday and so today ends without a blast. But we didn't want it to.
So, we sent in a PR with a huge amount of work (
Seeing how much we loved working for VOC and working with Russell, who has been an absolute delight, we are going to continue working.
We will also be holding a Intro To Open Source Session next week in our institute and would be spreading the word about RGSoC and VOC around us.
We will be in constant touch with our coaches, our mentor and our supervisor because we absolutely loved them!!

This is team l1ghtsab3r signing off!


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