The Last Day

September 30, 2016 14:51 UTC Team joda (SoundDrop) [2016]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Today was our last day and it felt weird: Sort of like finishing school. We’re happy we have achieved this much, but are also sad leaving our code summer behind. We have learned a lot, but there is yet more to learn. We’re very thankful for all the help we have had and will continue learning and coding 😀

Our last day : 😢
Met with Tam and talked about our last contribution within Summer of Code✅
Showed her the treasure hunt that Absolventa coaches prepared for us✅
Talked about “The Future” - What comes next?✅
Power Hower: Learned about Linter Rules✅ and about reactive programing✅
Finished preparing talk for Goodbye Party✅
Finished styling the API explorer✅

We will miss all of the amazing people we met during RGSoC and hope to keep in Touch! To Infinity and beyond!!!


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