Sunday Treats

July 12, 2015 19:40 UTC Team Cheesy [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Maud: I browsed the repo on beginner-friendly issues, and found a nice one on pagination. It is soo usefull to get feedback on every few lines of code you write. I learned all (?) about the Kanimari pagination gem, found its configuration initializer, learned that scopes come in all forms and sizes and formats, and got puzzled by a weird wordwrap in my editor. To space or not to space, that was the question.

Styled the activity page. Tried to rebase my branch with master, fucked it up, spent 1,5 hour trying to make it neat again. Even tried to delete my useless commits with interactive rebasing, failed, gave up and copied everything to a new branch :$ but it works, and that's what counts ;) finished styling and assembled some questions for my coaches tomorrow!


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