Team Melbourne · #D8.2 (Sun)

July 12, 2015 10:02 UTC Team Melbourne [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Sarah: Did some revision and additional reading.
· @codinghorror's explanation of MVC here
· codelogical's youtube series on ember (16/25 parts). I definitely learn faster with videos and practice as compared to reading long guides.
· git branching (the diagrams really helped) here
· railstoember guide - which didn't really help me much since I had no previous experience on rails
· learned about open source licensing - thanks to Vi and my brother!

Reflections: amidst increasing difficulty, trials and challenges, I found many things I'm grateful for in the last 8 working days:
· lovely support network from coaches, mentors, our supervisor Sara, and the rgsoc community as a whole
· having been chosen for this 3 month program in the first place
· being constantly challenged
· my first time: using github, learning ember, doing an open source project, formally working on code outside of school, using a mac, learning about advertising plugins
· and most importantly, my sensible and (more knowledgeable about adv plugins and git and macbooks) pair, Vi!


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