First Day: Getting Settled In

July 2, 2015 09:20 UTC Team Tessie [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

  • Got settled in, started setting things up, fixing our schedule and organising our workspace
  • Our first standup call with Hoodie! (This was really cool, it really made us feel part of their team and confirmed to us that we definitely want to pursue working with a team like this!) Clemens Helm, one of our coaches, joined us for this
  • Read Hoodie documentation
  • Organized weekly meetings with our mentors and coaches
  • Lots of questions fired at Ramon Huidobro, another of our coaches
  • Javascript for Rubyists introduction from yet another of our coaches, Aaron Cruz
  • Extremely enthusiastic brainstorming of ideas for our showcase app
  • Adorable bento box lunch
  • Got icecream and sweets
  • Programmed our slackbot (fun times are ahead!)
  • Had an interview with Andie Katschthaler, part of the team of the coworking space which is gracefully hosting us this summer
  • Various team photos taken for twitters and blogs
  • Got told about Javascript for Cats and almost died
  • Started a blog post on our first day for our team blog
  • Worked on our team introduction blog post

(Currently fighting for the markdown to work...)


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