Day 48

September 7, 2016 04:05 UTC RGAU2016 - TEAM VEGEMITE ( [2016]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Coaches offsite - no standup, but we checked in with each other on what we're working on today.
Kylie is working on:
- Pull request Simplify design and copy of CLI Installation guide
* I'm going through the instructions/errors with a fine tooth comb by printing out each page, and going over it line by line to ensure that the instructions are as consistent and correct as possible. I've been doing fixes such as renaming headings, removing help instructions, and removing unnecessary words to make the instructions as clear and concise as possible.
* Researching margins/containers/widths in CSS - I'm not sure that I'm done with what I have, and need to check that.
- doesn't have a contact us page/link for the website, which seems strange. Created new issue re: contact us and had my first try at writing an issue for a newbie based on the starter guide, but it just seemed too hard, with so many steps, so abandoned.
- Checked with Katrina re: removing "Want to add more help topics?" info as it seems redundant.
- Tried out a heavier weight of font for all headings - it actually looks pretty good!

Ramya is working on:
1. PR #133 got merged today
2. Started working on issue This includes
Analysing how config.json is being read
why config.json is being used


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