Day 47

September 6, 2016 00:26 UTC RGAU2016 - TEAM VEGEMITE ( [2016]Subscribe to this teams's activities

We both had standup with our coach Tim, and then:
Kylie worked on:
1. issue 3093 - Separate line numbers from code on submission page by doing research, providing comment and a mockup of how the issue could be fixed.
2. Pull request "Simplify design and copy of CLI Installation guide #3089" which includes:
* providing feedback on Katrina's questions
*working on the css to change the width of the navigation, and provide a breakup of the wall of text through the use of elements such as numbering, padding, and experimenting with weights.
*spent time with coach Kevin to go over the css, with the recommendation of MDN CSS, in particular the selector specificity information, to get a better idea of how to use the cascade of cascading style sheets, and avoid separate styles "fighting" for dominance, so I have control over which styles do what, and when.
*issues within the request such a renaming troubleshooting and fixing the routes and links to make the changes work, renaming headings, making instructions clearer to newbies.
* Windows instructions - asked for help on gitter, and helped someone else with navigating to Exercism's archiving problems section whilst there.
* I also learnt how to add code into markdown bullets by indenting a minimum of 8 spaces. Tricky!

files changed:
modified: app/routes/static.rb
modified: app/views/site/cli.erb
modified: public/css/application.css
modified: public/css/base/import.css
modified: public/css/layouts/import.css
modified: public/sass/base/themes/exercism.scss
modified: public/sass/base/variables.scss
modified: public/sass/layouts/import.scss
modified: x/docs/cli.rb
modified: x/docs/md/cli/
modified: x/docs/md/cli/
deleted: x/docs/md/cli/
modified: x/docs/md/cli/
files added:

Ramya worked on:

1.Continued working on issue #133 - includes changing method names, testing against Erick's branch
2. Changing functionality to look for repo url for files in both metadata folder and exercises folder


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