Recording and Saving music

September 5, 2016 13:41 UTC Team Reactives (Poetic Computation) [2016]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Recording some music

Finally managed implement all the relevant functions and format the commands appropriately to send to the OSC server that allows us to start recording, stop recording and save the music as .wav files. There are still limitations to work on:

  1. Recordings are saved in the documents folder under home by default and if the user deletes it, the recording can't save at all. We tried using relative paths using '../' but it causes issues for an unknown reason and does not save the file either.

  2. We can change the code to add custom file names quite quickly once we have the GUI portion for the user to enter that. For now, the name is given using the date.getTime() method (milliseconds since 1/1/1970).

  3. Visually impaired users can accidentally make the recording longer than it needs to be by missing the stop recording button, we made it so that the buffer automatically plays when start record button is pressed but the user has free reign on when recording stops, even when the music is long over.

At our meeting with mentor Joseph today, we were advised to test out with visually impaired users as soon as possible, as well as concentrate on revamping the UI to reflect high color contrast to help users who have trouble distinguishing between colours as well.

So we changed our UI recently and adopted React for the view. We are still fixing and migrating our event handlers to the correct component. We will also need to get used to the whole concepts of state & props.


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