Last third of RGSoC just started...

September 1, 2016 14:41 UTC Team LoadToCode [2016]Subscribe to this teams's activities

so let's hurry up! We thought this time would never end, instead 2 thirds of our Rails Girls Summer of Code already past.

Today we started with some Github issues, because we were struggling with the best solution for us as a team of 2, to work on the same project, often separately, eventually pushing code together to the LEAP project. We asked one of our clever coaches, and he was happy to help out.

  • Creating an organization on github, with 3 branches, one for Thea, one for Marie, and one to push code to together
  • Having lunch with most of the coaches, updating us about our status, plans for coming days and generally how the project is going, very nice talk, since we have very nice coaches

  • Coaching session with Ruby hero: (Coding, failing, trying again) * 100 ;)

  • Getting excited about the RubyConfPt in Braga in Oct

All the best from LoadToCode, check out our work in progress on github


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