Debunk the Myth of Webpack Configuration

August 31, 2016 09:30 UTC Team Reactives (Poetic Computation) [2016]Subscribe to this teams's activities

It was a discouraging week of little or no progress, but it has ended. We have finally understood the basic configuration of Webpack, at least enough to finally set it up for writing ES6. So, as a test of our understanding, we set up react hot loader and hot module replacement plugin for Webpack as well. It finally works, so really hope that the hot reload can magically save us time for this delayed stage of development.

Honestly, we have been looking forward to the first release which was supposed to happen on Monday, but we both missed the deadline due to our underestimation of new technologies. But the effort really enhanced our appreciation of development tools and would hopefully standardize & fasten our workflow.

☐ Almost all the stuff in our latest to-do list remains, so they should be inserted here
☐ UI Revamp
☐ Save & Load codes
☐ Record and save music as conventional file extensions


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