Team Melbourne · #D8

July 10, 2015 06:31 UTC Team Melbourne [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

It was a serious day.
· Had our weekly meeting with Sara, and Adel was there to join us.
· Head coach for Redbubble, Dane, sat down with us to explain the adsense.js.es6 file and injection code tactics in databases.
· Managed to get the DFP ad onto the front page hardcoded. A good indicator that the tag provided works on Discourse.
· But, hitting a wall right now because a DFP plugin and Adsense plugin already exist, the first not working but the latter is. How can we extend its functionality? Make it better? These are the 2 biggest platforms with most users.
· For now, we've decided to start from the basics - get a DFP plugin to display 1 dummy ad box over the weekend/ early next week.

PS: The plugin is usually 20-50 lines of code. Trust me, not as easy as it sounds.
PPS: Seems like Fridays tend to be the most difficult of days...


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