Stalled for A While

August 26, 2016 15:52 UTC Team Reactives (Poetic Computation) [2016]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Today is actually the official end of our current sprint, but we still haven't really completed quite a number of features that we planned. This week we were both slowed down quite a lot due to our choice to pick up and try out some new technologies:
- Shwetha: Node.js
- Tu An: Material UI (& hence, ES6 'gorgeous' syntax shift)

Done tasks:

✓ Fixed the format commands
✓ Ignored the babel & webpack config for in-progress work of UI Revamp
✓ Change "period" to "dot"
✓ Updated the key combination so Mac can trigger TTS as well
✓ Made a demo video for our current app

TTDs for Buggy Chunks:

☐ Write if condition for suppressing "abort" in ruby client side when using windows
☐ Similarly, format file path correct for each OS
☐ Cut the text to chunks, each of which has < 300 characters to avoid Chrome's bug for its Speech Synthesis API
☐ Fix the error due to commands with ":xxx" option

Upcoming tasks:

☐ Read out only 1 line where cursor is
☐ UI Revamp - need to decide if I want to fix the import vs require bug due to ES6 for using Material UI or just lead a simple life with bootstrap and basic CSS
☐ Save and load codes as buffers (json files) using FS module of node
☐ Record the music and save as conventional music file (tapping onto the osc magical server again)
☐ Continue to contact target audience through developers or NGOs so we can test our app once v1.0 is released


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