Day 35:

August 22, 2016 14:40 UTC Team Reactives (Poetic Computation) [2016]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Awesome Progress :)!

Today we fixed up the problem of unpronounced characters overlooked by speechSynthesis API (in the attempt to make English prose smoother, but inconvenience coders).
We also tested if our app can work offline, and to our amazement, it does work. So, the next step for us is to verify if it's ok as well for changing the voice quality offline. We hope to also understand the mechanism behind Web Speech API technology as a whole since if it is fully supported by the browser (Chromium-electron specifically) it means screen reader can be integrated directly into web app in general and more specifically cross-platform and (hopefully) lightweight desktop app with the help of electron.
We have also successfully played multiple lines of codes and retrieved error messages from osc-server. Therefore it's time to develop a simple mechanism for users to control the reading out of these messages with shortcuts.
So last week ended with success in implementation of major functionalities for our app. We are looking for testers, especially visually impaired programmers who are interested in helping out!


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