Day 7

July 9, 2015 15:23 UTC Team Delta Quadrant [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Realizing that our dev environment we set up via vagrant is veeeery slow we decided to set up another local dev environment together with Christophe. While waiting for bundles installing and things compiling we learned more about the diaspora processes.

We finally found a small issue to work on that was not yet taken (like many many before) or somehow very complicated (like most of them) and started working on it. The topic: adding a field to the export of user data.

Furthermore there was a meeting at blacklane with the whole company where new colleagues and guests were introduced. So were we. And we not only presented shortly ourselves but also awesome Summer of Code!

We also finished our introducing blog post and included a gif - stay tuned for that :)

Also Maren published an article on learning to code (in german).

Now we are up to meet our coach Andy.


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