Day 6

July 8, 2015 16:14 UTC Team Delta Quadrant [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Today was a kind of frustrating day. We decided to work on our first small issue to make a small first pull request. As it turned out it already took ages to find a small issue that is suitable for us. Those who seemed to be were already claimed by somebody else who apparently didn't work on it during the last months :(

So we decided to write some tests but get stuck on one of the existing tests failing before we changed anything. We had some nice conversations with a developer in the IRC-Chat but couldn't find the problem. But: we opened an own issue on that topic :)

Other things that worked well :)
* we purchased tickets for #CCCamp15 in August
* we joined a dev tech talk at blacklane (topic: shortcuts, skripts etc. that make developer's life easier)
* we had great coffee with probably the smallest take away cup ever at double eye
* we read about the testing workflow in diaspora
* we set up a meeting/hack day with our mentor Lisa next week
* we set up a meeting with Christophe tomorrow for helping us with the problems above
* Maren had a phone call with Team Techlyte
* we arranged a lunch meeting with all Berlin based RGSoC teams


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