Day #23 Ending with Yoga

August 2, 2016 18:05 UTC Team LoadToCode [2016]Subscribe to this teams's activities

So the 2nd third of the Rails Girls Summer of Code has just begun.

We did some pair programming in order to keep us updated. We have quite different strategies to deal with tasks: One of us tries around a lot, playing with the code and starting to write and output code. The other one, stubbornly, wants to understand every piece of code before even starting to think of doing some actual coding. That is why the mutual update was very refreshing and helpful, especially for the theoretical one of us (that's me, Marie, say Hello! ).

  • Mutual update about the last coding advancements
  • Coaching session with our Ruby hero (if you read the blogpost, you'll know which coach was teaching today) telling us more about why Ruby is object oriented and not e.g. class oriented
  • Working on the twitter Ruby gem within Rails

And yes... we ended our day with some Yoga practice!

Namaste, everybody!


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