Day 13 - Tuesday: Reset and Replay

July 19, 2016 20:17 UTC Team MitPal(Ruby on Rails) (Open Source Event Manager) [2016]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Some days feel like dumpster fires, some like bonfires, and others like a lit match. One controls everything you do, and you feel helpless. The next one is one you set and you didn't know if would be so big. You know it will go out eventually, but it may burn awhile. And the last one you struck because you know you can control it by blowing it out at any time. Yesterday felt much like a dumpster fire for me (Sherri), but today I lit a match. As I was going through my mini mental meltdown on yesterday, my partner (Anitha) was able to remind me that the frustration and general feeling of being really pissed at my current perception of progress (or lack thereof) was temporary. I went home and reset. Today, when I hit replayI was mentally ready to tackle the day.

Today We:
* Continued work on embedding Tweets in the application
* Solved a Code Kata
* Continued working on displaying event information
* Studied querying activerecord join tables

Tomorrow We:
* Meet with our coaches to go over our code
* Continue work on displaying Tweets
* Continue work on displaying event information


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