Day 9

July 14, 2016 07:03 UTC RGAU2016 - TEAM VEGEMITE ( [2016]Subscribe to this teams's activities

  • compiled questions about the website and shared them with Katrina for feedback
  • completed our first stand up where we talked about what we were going to do, along with what we had done, and attended a standup with our coaches Jo and Keira to see how stand ups work at Culture Amp.
  • Ramya worked on Ruby problems on and submitted to the API
  • Ramya is looking at how the XAPI works between the CLI and the website.
  • Kylie - checked with Katrina about issues with problems on exercism
  • Kylie - checked with Saltyrando aka Ian Whitney about rust problem ordering
  • Kylie - went through the Mac O/S CLI and commented on issue with CLI layout
  • Kylie - made notes re: learning to do tonight re: ruby + TDD
  • Kylie - checked the KSS living style guide + submitted issue re: examples as github no longer using KSS.

Friday: checkin with our supervisor Vi, standup


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