Day 6 - Kickoff and weekend

July 12, 2016 03:49 UTC Team perifericas (Speakerinnen) [2016]Subscribe to this teams's activities

What we did

[x] Ornaments for the room :)
[x] Study more about Ruby and Rails
[x] Talk with our coach Brena and discuss the project (Hangout)
[x] Discuss about new issues to propose
[x] Go to the market and buy some snacks for our kickoff
[x] RGSoC social stuff
[x] Weekly meeting with coach User_X
[x] Updated our blog Perifericas at Github

As an advice from our coach, Geisa decide to reinstall an Ubuntu version (she was using Fedora XFCE). So during our kickoff people came to visit us, we talk about the project, about Ruby and Rails and Geisa started the installation.
It was a great day!

The weekend

[60%] Finished installations and prepare development environment
[50%] Update planning project
[x] More study in progress


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