Day 7: Canoeing separately today!

July 11, 2016 17:39 UTC Team kindr3d [2016]Subscribe to this teams's activities

As we were working remote today, there was a lot of time for introspection and studying on our.


  • reviewed last weeks main topics: ember’s core concepts, databases (data manipulation with queries, joins)
  • structured the models and relationships for our sandbox app and identified minimum viable product as well as many nice features for the future
  • read through the threads relating to our project on meta.discourse
  • installed Vagrant and got other requirements ready for running discourse on my machine (Micaela)
  • became very impressed with the power of SVG and realized how much more one has to learn (Elvina)
  • got some writing done for the blog
  • got professional teeth cleanup :D


  • install discourse and set up a db (Elvina)
  • last bits of introductory d3 tuts
  • finally finish our RoR api tutorial
  • optionally start working on bookclub models


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