Day 6: Sail into the weekend!

July 8, 2016 17:31 UTC Team kindr3d [2016]Subscribe to this teams's activities

We had a kickoff call with the members of the team (unfortunately Nino couldn't make it), it was nice to finally have all the members together for a picture. Vincent came over to Namics for a coaching session where he talked about databases and some other (not so confusing anymore) terms relating to that universe.

That's it for week 1!
Heading off to the Hafenkneipe!


  • played some more with d3, figured out how selectors work, learned about enter() exit()
  • awesome database class with Vincent - relational databases, what queries are , joins ...
  • kickoff meeting with team
  • edited our PR content some more


  • build queries
  • create curriculum based on mentor and coaches suggestions
  • meeting and final decisions on weekly milesstones
  • go to Schirn see comics exhibition on thursday
  • write for the blog: week 1, kick-off, general impressions

Lessons Learned

  • photobooth still the BEST
  • ahoy, we are running out of maritime metaphors :anchor:


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