Day 3 - Monday after 4th of July Weekend

July 7, 2015 00:22 UTC Team CocoaGems [2015]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Morning Scrum - talked about our goals for the day and ways we could better support each other in learning -this was totally worth it!
Learned a bit about Graphite and GitChat, internal Servers and Puppet with Ross Mc Farland
Lunch- Crepes with Rachel Myers @ the Local Creperie

Cloned and Forked Jekyll Themes : Long Haull
Lunch- Crepes with Rachel Myers @ the Local Creperie
Long Haul Theme and the Compass Watch Set Up Step # 4 Failed
Destroyed the original and used rm -rf to get rid of the Long Haul theme clone and Fork
Cloned and Forked the Long Haul Jekyll Theme - but this time we re -named it
Learned and or practiced the following commands in the process:

PWD print working directory to make sure we were in the directory
Git Status to check the branch master - to see if our branch was up to date with origin or master - displayed changes we made
git add index.html because we wanted to add the changes we made on the index.html file/ page
git status here we saw the changes in green => saying now they are staged and ready to be committed
git commit -v opened our editor so we could write commit mssg in the editor
git log -1 showed us our commit # and commit message
git log -1 -p " "
git push to finally push the changes


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