Day #6 First End of RGSoC Week :)

July 8, 2016 14:38 UTC Team LoadToCode [2016]Subscribe to this teams's activities

So this is the first time looking back at a productive, exciting and exhausting week of the Rails Girls Summer of Code for the Load to Code Team.

Waking up and seeing our first pull request merged! Pfff, what a time to be alive :D We feel like absolute Pros!

  • Setting up IRC client (we recommend Colloquy for Mac)
  • Thea trying to take over Google's de facto search engine monopoly, by improving some HTML skills
  • Marie wondering about an error message after running the server of the web app we're working on (SPOILER: it had to do with some git submodules, that our project references to, the submodules needed to be updated, puh, everything worked well after Sergio's hint)
  • Coaching Session with Sergio: first feedback/retrospective on how we are doing, experiences so far and expectations
  • Installing rbenv so to install different ruby versions and make our machines look smart in managing the different versions smoothelessly

Preparing mentally for the kick-off indoor RGSoC come-together...


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