Day 5 - It's alive!

July 8, 2016 04:07 UTC Team perifericas (Speakerinnen) [2016]Subscribe to this teams's activities


  • [x] Emma creat this blog using Jekyll and Github Pages: Team Perifericas' blog;
  • [x] Created a logo and a profile image to update Perifericas's profile through the web;
  • [x ] Welcome our new coaches Daniela Feitosa & Brena Monteiro both are co-organizers from Rails Girls community in Brazil;
  • [x ] Talked with our new coaches and add them to our team page and Trello board;
  • [x] We start an online about RSpec course today;
  • [x] Create an event for the kickoff tomorrow and sent invites for our fellows in Bahia;


  • [ ] More studies
  • [ ] Prepare for the kickoff
  • [ ] Meeting with our coach User_X from LampiĆ£oSec

Go, Perifericas!


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