Day 5 - Loving ROR Even When it Seems to Hate You

July 7, 2016 22:28 UTC Team MitPal(Ruby on Rails) (Open Source Event Manager) [2016]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Today we were nice enough to provide plenty of bugs so that our coach could give us our first lesson on debugging. Yes. We are a generous pair, and we love making our coaches happy! I'm sure we'll provide them with plenty more happy moments like these in the near future.

Today We:
* Continued working on our issue and ran into several bugs
* Learned how to use Byebug debugger to go through our code and track down the source of our pain
* Sang the chorus of 'Read the Error Message' together as we realized how much time and sanity it would have saved us
* Googled the crap out of some information for Cancancan to learn about how it was working in the app
* Talked about good ways for us to communicate with each other to help us talk through a coding problem

Tomorrow We Plan To:
* Continue working on our issue
* Get together with our coaches and have some Kick Off fun


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