Day #4 - First Wednesday

July 6, 2016 14:21 UTC Team LoadToCode [2016]Subscribe to this teams's activities

We started our day with figuring out what needs to be done until the end of the week. BECAUSE:

Next week we're participating in a hackathon out of Berlin, meeting other people who are working on the LEAP project!

  • Planing our hackathon trip
  • Having a look at our project plan (it's actually a draft and will get changed over the whole time of the program)
  • Having a look at the Curriculum that was created by the coaches
  • Coaching session with Duana, learning about differences of ruby versions, and about old, unfriendly & quick language C (sounds really like 'Mitte' the district of Berlin where we work, ppl are rushing all the time, it's mainly unfriendly)
  • Coaching session with Remy, learning abt databases and abt why we ran into errors during the set up of the database (in this case couchdb)

  • Taking deep breaths, drinking coffee, eating nuts to keep us fresh and fit to load to code :D

    Take care of you, and don't forget to go out to see the sun from time to time :)


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