Day 03 - sudo let me start

July 6, 2016 03:26 UTC Team perifericas (Speakerinnen) [2016]Subscribe to this teams's activities

More readings, more documentations, more tests, more preys too.

We have an inspiring call with Ines, our supervisor. She was a 2015's RGSoC participant (and speaks portuguese .) so we get amazing tips to go through this first week.

More tests and errors and finally we made it: setting up, configurations and requirements ok.
We talk a lot through the day, Emma helped me with some issues like "why my profile isn't showing".
We discuss about creating a Twitter account for our team and create a blog with Jekyll, but didn't worked out.

Today we get in contact with another developers to become our coaches. We noticed some teams more than two and it's a better way out when we could not reach one or other coach. Ines cleared up some things about that for us and we sent some invites.

What about plannings for the kickoff at friday? We are in! Remotely, but let's celebrate too. We made a list of things for food, decoration. It's so great to being part of this :)
Tomorrow we are going to run more tests.

See ya'll!


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