Day 3: Diving into Ember.js

July 5, 2016 15:41 UTC Team kindr3d [2016]Subscribe to this teams's activities

Keeping up with the sea-related metaphors, today we went off the deep end of Ember. We built our first ever Ember app together. While lots of questions were raised and some managed to get answered there's still a lot of stuff to figure throughout the process. There is a lot of "magic" features as much in Ember as in RoR that are still confusing and overwhelming to grasp. Maybe we just gotta get used to the conventions both frameworks use and deal with it. All in all it was great to finally start building stuff.


  • understanding things like asset pipeline, components vs controllers, how objects work
  • installed ember and went through lots of permission errors
  • built todo ember app
  • started reading about how to hook Ember to RoR using JSON API
  • reviewed what the Discourse project is about and what users want for the dataviz

To Do

  • Bridging Ember RoR with JSON API
  • d3 tutorial at some point
  • summer of code pr stuff (photos and about)
  • improve our blog's usability
  • come up with a presentation at Namics

Bigger Picture Goal

  • figure out how to render graphs within handlebars and ember


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